Moji Knee Wrap

Enabling athletes to ice sore knees on-the-go Most knee icing products require the user to remain immobile; Moji wanted to develop a solution that would stay in place and flex with the user through the natural range of motion, as well as incorporate the premium look and performance of high-tech sportswear. By developing a unique [...]

TAOA Sleep Mask

A discreet sleep mask for women that blocks every ray of light Luxury travel brand TAOA wanted to produce a sleep mask that addressed the functional and aesthetic shortcomings of existing products. Complete light blocking for restful sleep is the most critical requirement, yet the masks that accomplish this are bulky, protuberant contraptions that render [...]

Moji Back Ice + Heat Therapy

A sportswear-inspired heat & ice system for the back Though back pain is incredibly pervasive, back therapy products maintain a dated, medicinal aesthetic, poor performance and cheap materials. The goal was to create a modern back therapy product using premium materials and thoughtful design. The back wraps and cold packs are inspired by the human [...]

Moji Neck Heat Therapy Wrap

A streamlined, reversible neck heat therapy product Neck therapy products are notoriously unattractive and poorly designed. The goal was to create an effective, comfortable neck heating product that also removed the stigmatizing aesthetic common to the category. All closures and fabrics had to be microwavable, and the product needed to be designed for cost effective [...]

Moji Universal Ice + Heat Therapy Wrap

An ice & heat therapy product that fits the whole body Moji wanted to develop a versatile “utility” therapeutic product that could be used almost anywhere on the body, providing effective therapy and a comfortable fit, while maintaining the sportswear feel of the product line. Not only did this product need to maintain compression over [...]