An ice & heat therapy product
that fits the whole body

Moji wanted to develop a versatile “utility” therapeutic product that could be used almost anywhere on the body, providing effective therapy and a comfortable fit, while maintaining the sportswear feel of the product line. Not only did this product need to maintain compression over many areas of the body, but also, in order to streamline manufacturing and distribution, it was limited to two sizes. The wrap’s architecture was designed as a two-part fastening process – the first “macro” adjustment secures the wrap and pack onto the body, allowing a second “micro” adjustment to be fastened with greater force, applying the targeted compression needed for a sleek fit and effective therapy for different areas of the body. Using a super-stretch compression mesh fabric with 200% stretch helped to bridge the sizing gap and applied compression throughout this range of stretch. A “fusion” cell form that could both heat and ice was created by exploring configurations on all the necessary body surfaces to find the most flexible design that also retained the necessary gel volume.