I’m a Soft Goods Designer + Industrial Designer based in Chicago.

My process combines traditional industrial design methods with a knowledge of soft goods construction techniques and fabric technology.

I adore obsessively researched, meticulously put together products that do what they are supposed to do. From studying anatomy to making patterns and finding fabrics with the right technical properties, I love knowing all the ins and outs of exactly why things work and how to make them better. Because if it doesn’t work, it’s just silly, isn’t it?

I’m fascinated by the possibilities of fabric and soft goods design. Many industrial designers shy away from fabric because it can be finicky and unpredictable, but things can be achieved in fabric that can’t be done in any other material! It conforms to the body, it stretches and moves with you, it breathes. It can be tough, or delicate. It can have such structure, but it can be amazingly soft. Fabric can be stitched, formed, rf welded, and bonded. It’s amazing stuff, and I study it constantly in the hopes of realizing those astounding possibilities in this neglected area of design.

Design & Prototyping

Constructing functional prototypes throughout the process for immediate feedback and modification

There can be many hidden pitfalls in soft goods design.

Fabric does not behave like plastic – it has its own rules! Seam type and finish, thread type, grainline, and pattern design can completely change the outcome of a product. I’ve spent over ten years studying the behavior of fabric and finishes, as well as its interaction with the body in order to predict and avoid these possible hazards.

Pairing industrial design training with knowledge of fabric, pattern making and apparel construction allows me to make connections other designers who are versed in only one of these areas might miss.


I'm inspired by the intersection of these areas of design and technology, and always working to learn more.

Fabric Technology

Study of fabrics with a focus in sport, technical, and stretch fabrics.

Manufacturing + Construction

Knowledge of soft goods manufacturing methods, apparel history and construction methods.

Anatomy + Movement

Study of contact mechanics of garments and therapeutic devices with the body throughout range of motion.

Function + Aesthetics

Merging therapeutic requirements with the fit, comfort and aesthetics of high-tech sportswear.

Years collaborating with doctors, physical therapists and athletes has given me a unique perspective into the needs of both professional and consumer, as well as an understanding of the product landscape and specific challenges associated with designing athletic and therapeutic products.

Soft goods prototyping materials

To achieve a successful outcome, sewn prototypes must be tested in fabric, and fabric that is as close as possible in weight, thickness, stretch and recovery to the final fabric.

Seam finishes must be accurate, and industrial machines achieve the best results.  3D printed models allow fit testing throughout the process and a clear observation of anatomical landmarks and fit issues.

To that end, I have put together a sewn product prototyping shop, and maintain a large fabric, interlinings, hardware, and notions library. These enable me to achieve these quick, working prototypes to provide feedback throughout the process and achieve a result that translates accurately into fabric.


My experience with branding, art direction, packaging and graphics helps me to plan for all of these aspects and see the full picture when designing products, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your brand as well as achieving their individual objectives.