An ever-changing clutch engineered
down to the smallest detail

While handbags might first appear to some as a frivolous fashion accessory, they are in fact an omnipresent functional item in nearly all women’s daily lives. Modjewel founder and nanotechnology engineer, Eliana Ghantous wanted to create an interchangeable system of components that would enable seamless transformation.

For two years, Modjewel researched, prototyped and perfected a sustainable handbag system that allows for a completely transformable look through patent-pending Clasp and Shell mechanisms – thanks to shielded internal magnets (engineered not to interfere with credit cards), changing the exterior of the Modjewel bag is as simple as removing the Shell, wrapping a new cover around it and placing it back on the Bare Bag. In addition, Clasps can be released and swapped out with a simple click of a button.

Each component was individually prototyped and tested to find the most intuitive mechanism for changing covers and clasps. Snaps, friction fits, tabs and magnets were used in conceptualizing an outer plastic shell that could hold a changeable fabric cover. Magnets on the shells required a great deal of fine-tuning to arrive at the optimal holding power needed to keep shells in place without accidentally detaching, yet allowing for easy intentional removal by the consumer for cover changes. Space was at a serious premium for every component in order to keep the bag appearance consistent with clutch bags from high-end brands in the market. Steel discs were inserted to increase the power of the neodymium magnets, and to help shield credit cards and other magnetic strips from possible magnetic interference.