A discreet sleep mask for women
that blocks every ray of light

Luxury travel brand TAOA wanted to produce a sleep mask that addressed the functional and aesthetic shortcomings of existing products. Complete light blocking for restful sleep is the most critical requirement, yet the masks that accomplish this are bulky, protuberant contraptions that render the wearer ridiculous. Keeping the mask securely but comfortably in place, allowing space for “eye blink” so that lids aren’t pressured by the mask, eliminating elastic pressure on the ears, and properly sizing the mask for all head sizes and facial contours were additional key challenges. A mask that would be worn in public situations such as air travel also needed to be flattering and aesthetically pleasing.

Tapering the mask at each end to a high angle bypasses the ear area, and creates an X-shaped line of tension that allows an even, distributed pressure over the top and bottom lines of the mask to keep it securely in place, but comfortably so. By splitting the elastic into two separate lines, the mask is held more securely on the head, but the soft stretch elastic accomplishes this without irritating pressure.

An ergonomically shaped darted soft pillow lines a traditional sleep mask silhouette to accomplish light blocking, without the bulbous lines, or bulky forms of other masks. The shaped pillow mirrors the gap between nose and cheek, but the soft texture of the pillow allows it to conform to a range of facial contours. The depth of the pillow also creates a small interior space for the eyes, so no pressure is put on the eye during wear.

To complement the TAOA brand aesthetic of clean modernity with nostalgic elegance, a layered lace outer was created with a peek of gold behind black in the same eyelash lace. Black silk and grey melange options, accented with the cast metal logo charm complete the product line.

The mask is lined with soft Novarel Anti-oxidant encapsulated fiber that contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to nourish skin over time. A huge range of battings and fills were tested to create a lightweight but silky hand, and achieve the correct mix of structure and softness.