Coca-Cola Bottle for Surface Magazine

Rethinking a classic design for Coca-Cola's 100th anniversary with Surface Magazine To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Coca-Cola bottle, Surface Magazine invited 12 designers to rethink the iconic bottle. My bottle is a shape-shifting, origami inspired design. The bottle is rigid plastic and silicone so the shapes can change and squish to form the [...]

Traveling Laundry Bag

A laundry bag with changeable capacity inspired by the paper bag Hauling a mass of dirty laundry down to the local laundromat can create quite a spectacle. The goal for this product was to create a lower profile laundry bag that would unite storage and transport needs for the student or urban dweller.  Based on [...]

Modjewel Packaging

A smart storage solution for modular components Functional packaging that not only looked elegant but that also provided a way to easily view and store items was critical to complete the Modjewel Clutch system. Individual micro-mesh bags were created that neatly corral each item and can be hung on a metal ring, yielding packs that [...]

TAOA Sleep Mask Packaging

Creating nostalgic yet modern packaging for a luxury travel brand An elegant and functional packaging concept that communicated luxury was a necessary finish to complete the TAOA sleep mask.  An element of the unexpected was desired to create an experience consistent with the brand. The sleep mask carry case is made from a washable kraft [...]