A streamlined, reversible
neck heat therapy product

Neck therapy products are notoriously unattractive and poorly designed. The goal was to create an effective, comfortable neck heating product that also removed the stigmatizing aesthetic common to the category. All closures and fabrics had to be microwavable, and the product needed to be designed for cost effective manufacturing in the US. By taking inspiration from a wide range of unusual products from gun holsters to motorcycle gear, the unique structure of the Neck+ was created. A single line of elastic tension holds the product on the body, eliminating any closures that would interfere with microwavability, and streamlining the manufacturing process by eliminating superfluous components. This structure also allowed the wrap to be reversible, heating the neck and shoulders when turned one way, and when flipped, the upper back. In order to maintain heat over a long period, a “tufting” technique was created, which holds the heat beads in place and maintains the heat through increased contact.