Surface Magazine


“Surface reached out to 12 designers working in the United States with a straightforward yet open-ended brief: create an object inspired from the original Coca-Cola bottle design that somehow dispenses the beverage.  The concepts on the pages that follow suggest Coca-Cola executives may very well consider launching another call-out.”  Surface Magazine June/July 2015 

Fast Company


“To mark the centenary, Surface magazine invited 12 designers to reimagine the bottle for its June/July issue. “Coca-Cola, though global in scale and influence, is so American,” Surface editor-in-chief Spencer Bailey says. “I thought, ‘Why not ask some of today’s top U.S.-based designers to rethink its iconic design in a fresh way?” Fast Company June 2015

Interiors Chicago


“Icon status is a tough thing to achieve, but this industrial designer understands that hard work—and homework­—is most important. For a recent gig with physical therapy company Moji, Daily logged countless R&D hours with doctors and athletes before coming up with a scheme that worked with the mechanics of the body—and looks cool too. “Particular beauty, efficiency, innovation and whimsy­—a combination of these factors creates the magic that contributes to an iconic design,” Daily says.” Interiors Chicago

Women in Industrial Design Show


Selected to exhibit in the idsa sponsored Women in Industrial Design Show during San Francisco Design Week, 2014. The show featured 15 female designers and was covered by Forbes, Design Milk and Core77.



“Leaky Ziplocs? Cumbersome gel packs? Insult to injury! We’d rather strap on this cryotherapeutic super-brace. With its 18 conformable quick-freeze pods and easy-to-adjust fleece compression wrap, the Olympian-worthy rig is not only comfier than a mink-lined mitten, it’s cheaper than cortisone injections.” Wired Magazine

Men’s Journal


“The Ergonomic Ice Wrap. You’d be forgiven for thinking the Moji Knee Double Ice wrap in an overpriced replacement for a bag of ice and an Ace bandage, but you’d be wrong. The spider-web of triangular gel hugs your patella better than any ice pack or — shudder — cube-filled Ziploc. Plus, the Moji lets your knee move naturally so you don’t have to sit on the couch, regretting that pickup hoops game.” Men’s Journal

Press: Triathlete

Triathlete June 2012 Moji

Use for: Applying ice to many different body parts. Moji is able to conform to the body better than ice cubes from the freezer…Drop the pack in the freezer for four hours or more. Attach it to the fabric strap and wrap is around any sore body part. Remove after 20 minutes and drop it back in the freezer. Triathlete Magazine

Competitor 2013


Ice, Ice, Baby! This wrap takes care of icing, compression and heating. These hot/cold packs are specifically cut to mold around your ailing foot, ankle or knee. Competitor Magazine



“One of the best products we’ve seen for delivering heat/ice to multiple body parts, all tucked away into one convenient, clever package. Given the ability of the Moji to stretch like a Yoga master you can easily wear the wrap under your clothes without a big bulky mass for everyone to stare at. You can be recovering after you workout while you are running errands or grabbing a post workout coffee and no one will think twice about it. Tribomb

Competitor Magazine


“For achy knees the Moji Knee Wrap can help speed recovery time after a tough workout with an innovative two-piece design consisting of a compression wrap and spider-like cold cell matrix with 18 individual pockets of cooling gel. This combo offers up targeted cooling to reduce swelling and pain.” Competitor Magazine