My name is Liz Daily. I am a Chicago based industrial designer & soft goods designer.

My process combines traditional industrial design methods with a knowledge of soft goods construction techniques and fabric technology.

I adore obsessively researched, meticulously put together products that do what they are supposed to. From studying anatomy to making patterns and finding fabrics with the right technical properties, I love knowing all the ins and outs of exactly why things work and how to make them better. Because if it doesn’t work, it’s just silly, isn’t it?



Several areas of particular interest include:

Study of fabrics with a focus in sport, technical, and stretch fabrics.

Knowledge of soft goods manufacturing methods, apparel history and construction methods.

Study of contact mechanics of garments and therapeutic devices with the body throughout range of motion.

Merging therapeutic requirements with the fit, comfort and aesthetics of high-tech sportswear.



Years collaborating with doctors, physical therapists and hard-core athletes has given me a unique perspective into the needs of both professional and consumer, as well an understanding of the product landscape and specific challenges associated with designing athletic and therapeutic products.

My experience with branding, art direction, packaging and graphics helps me to plan for all of these aspects and see the full picture when designing products, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your brand as well as achieving their individual objectives.

I’m available for freelance industrial design & soft goods design work. For a more detailed resume, click here.